Google Web Fonts | Free Fonts 2013-2014

Google Web Fonts

The Web with Google Web Fonts, it is nice to read, accessible, orderly and open.

Google Web Fonts offers web fonts quickly and easily for everyone. This is added including professional designers and developers.
Everyone should be able to bring the quality typography into their own websites.

The goal is to provide the Google web fonts directory for the whole world to disposal. The API service from Google makes it very easy to add Google Web Fonts on a website in seconds. The service runs on Google’s servers, which are fast, reliable and proven. Google offers this service free of charge.

As a web designer you are always on the lookout for suitable, beautiful free fonts for web design and new fonts thanks to free resources like the Google web fonts, the possibilities Fortunately, more and more versatile. Have dominated the times when Georgia, Arial and Verdana on the web are at last over (nothing against these writings, but a little more versatility but desirable). As a source of inspiration for typographical more diversity in your web design here is a small collection of my current favorite Google Web Fonts.

Google Fonts are available as large fonts pack to download. Offered currently stuck 1,109 free fonts that Windows and Mac users to download to the computer itself. To get the Google fonts as comfortable as possible on the computer, uses Google SkyFonts with a small management software. Which is only about 3.5 MB in size for Windows.

Install SkyFonts, load fonts

The Google offered fonts you can also check out a website, but you need to download then SkyFonts. Simply install the tool and then go back to the somewhat cumbersome website. Via “Browse Google Fonts”, you can view the desired fonts and get by clicking on “SkyFonts” and “Add”.