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Download Google Chrome 2014 Full Latest FREE Download | English. Google Chrome 2014 is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

Best Web Browser “Google Chrome”

“Google Chrome” is a free, open-source WEB BROWSER developed by “Google”. It was released in 2008, and has grown to be one of the most popular browsers today. When Google decided to make a browser, they wanted to completely rethink the browser, as browsing now is very different from browsing simple text pages. Now we email, shop, pay bills, and run large application in our browsers.

“Google Chrome” The New Key Feature

The new key feature “Download Google Chrome 2014″ boasts is the inclusion of getUserMedia API. This technology lets Web applications use your computer’s camera and microphone without installing any plug-ins, making the first step for the WebRTC – a new standard for the high-quality real-time communication on the Web.


When “Google Chrome Full FREE Download” was released, the developers encouraged the users to try out several ‘toys’ based upon the getUserMedia API technology. One of these ‘experiences’, as “Google Chrome” call them, allowed you to live-view the drawing of your portrait on the sand done by a robot in the Science Museum in London. It was made upon your photo, taken through the web camera and changed into an outline picture. Unfortunately, I still haven’t tried it, but I’d like to, because it really sounds cool.

New Retina Display

“Google Chrome” is also following the tendency of graphic experience perfection, started by Apple with the introduction of their high-resolution Retina display. Now those of us who are the happy owners of devices with Retinas can taste the full quality the technology can provide, enjoying the high-quality graphics even when browsing. Unfortunately, without a retina display before your eyes it is impossible to say if it really differs from how it was before.

“Google Chrome 2014” Video Tutorial English

The latest releases of Download Google Chrome 2014 Free. Show that the Google team have focused mainly upon security, which is really good news for users. Yet, some bugs do remain, like unstable work of flash video plug-ins, and these are yet to be solved.

Google Chrome 2014 Installation

If you download the browser from “Google’s Web site”, it will ask you if you’d like to anonymously submit usage statistics to the company. Although you used to be able to toggle this easily, “Chrome” now splits up the anonymous data tracking options into multiple categories. You can toggle these from the Preferences menu under Settings, Advanced Settings, then Privacy Options. Depending on your processor, the installation process should take less than 2 minutes.

Latest Version of Google Chrome 2014 full

Download Google Chrome 2014  is based on WebKit, the same open-source engine that powers Apple Safari, Google’s Android mobile platform, and several other desktop and mobile Web-browsing tools. However, “Google Chrome Update” runs on a different JavaScript engine than its WebKit cousins, and there are other changes as well.

You can Automatically Block Web-Sites with Google Chrome 2014

Besides allowing you to disable JavaScript, “Chrome” will automatically block Web sites that are known to promulgate phishing attacks and malware threats or be otherwise unsafe. The usefulness of this depends on Google’s capability to flag Web sites as risky, though, and so it’s recommended to use an add-on like the Web of Trust extension or a separate security program to block threats.
Although “Google Chrome New Version Download” has a poor reputation for privacy because of its Google origins, it actually does offer a lot of privacy-tweaking settings.

You can toggle and customize most of the browser’s privacy and security settings. Cookies, image management, JavaScript, plug-ins, pop-ups, location information, and notifications can be adjusted from the Content Settings button. This includes toggling specific plug-ins, such as the built-in Adobe Flash plug-in or the Chrome PDF reader (which is deactivated by default). Still, that’s not going to be enough for many people. If you’re not comfortable using “Google Chrome” because of privacy concerns, we recommend the independent browsers Firefox or Opera.”Chrome” offers malware scanning on Web pages to include downloads, and the precaching tool for loading sites in your search results early works with the Omnibox location bar.

One of the best things about “Google Chrome 2014 Android

Not only can tabs be isolated, but each tab exists in its own task process. This means that when one tab crashes, the other tabs do not. Though memory leaks are a major concern in “Chrome Security Latest Version Download” when you have dozens of tabs open, we found sluggish behavior and other impediments weren’t noticeable until after there were more than 20 tabs open. That’s not an immutable number, though, and different computers’ hardware will alter browser performance.
You can sync tabs and their browsing history to other computers and devices such as Android and iOS in Chrome 23.

Some of the basics in “Download Google Chrome 2014″ are handled extremely intuitively. In-page searching works smoothly. Using the Ctrl-F hot key or the menu option, searching for a word or phrase will open a text entry box on the top right of the browser. “Google Chrome 2014″ searches as you type, indicating the number of positive results and highlighting them on the page.
Account syncing is another area in which “Google Chrome” does well. Using your Gmail account, “Chrome” will sync your themes, preferences, autofill entries, passwords, extensions, and bookmarks. You can toggle each of those categories, too.

Pro of Download Google Chrome 2014 Web-Browser

  • Start up speed
  • Page speed load times
  • Javascript execution speeds
  • Works better for Google products
  • Built in search engine into the URL bar
  • Google’s Speed Tracer tool
  • Sandboxed plug-ins
  • Sandboxed tabs
  • Sandboxed extensions
  • Evernotes web version actually works in it
  • Easy to use home page
  • Coding for “Google Chrome” means that the site will work for iPhone and Android phones and safari
  • Doesn’t crash very often
  • Is new to the browser market so it adds some new features that users are looking for
  • Able to pin tabs to open everytime, easier then adding multiple home pages in firefox
  • Built in application shortcuts
  • Extensions can be added, removed or updated without the browser needing to restart
  • Extensions are built using HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Built in bookmark and history sync
  • Easy to find items that you search for within a page (the find feature) with the highlighted locations on the scrollbar built in hot keys for hiding and showing the bookmar toolbar

Contra of Download Google Chrome 2014

  • Less people use it, smaller market share
  • Doesn’t have firebug extension (no longer an issue, extension came out since starting use)
  • Doesn’t have pixel perfect extension
  • Doesn’t have yslow extension
  • Doesn’t have developer toolbar extension (Most tools in the developer toolbar are replaced by multiple extensions)
  • I am use to using Firefox
  • Firefox Has been around for a few years
  • Unable to do a full screen capture of a website with extensions (no longer an issue, extension came out)
  • Unable to not save all data automatically
  • Unable to control sessions
  • Limited right click menu, no “copy email address”, no “properties for images” etc.