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Chrome Download Manager

Do you know that? A week ago, you only had downloaded a picture or program now and where you need it once , you can not find it ? This happens especially like it when you are sitting at different computers and the download folder are at different locations . After installing Google Chrome reverts to the directory that has been defined as the default in Windows .

But if you still own download has set targets and probably still possible in the various browsers , then the confusion is inevitable. Luckily, there are here , as actually in any browser , even a Google Chrome Download Manager .

What can Google Chrome Download Manager ?

Basically, the download manager is not much more than an overview of recent downloads. We reach it from the main menu via the menu item “Downloads” or press Ctrl -J.

Now presents itself to us a list of the downloads made ​​so far . But, to avoid misunderstandings equal, that need not be all downloads . ( In the other browsers might have even saved files ) and that’s not even the entire contents of the download folder. To put it more precisely : This is the download manager list of downloads that were Downloaded using Google Chrome and have not subsequently deleted by the user from the list.