Chrome Download | 2014

The web browser Google Chrome is designed for speed and stability , its user interface deliberately kept slim : on extensive menu and toolbar , taking the greater part of the screen , he waived.

Chrome Download


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As with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, Chrome also includes an integrated PDF viewer , a password manager, and various personalization options . So you can quickly adapt it to your preferences thanks to the design of many skins. The functional scope can be expanded with add-ons, although the selection is not quite as big here as the competitor fails Firefox. Protects the privacy of Google Chrome while browsing the ” incognito window ” that the user only has to open in order to leave no trace on the computer.

In addition, Google’s browser contains a constantly updated list of dangerous websites designed to protect users from phishing attacks . Chrome also scores points with its stability : a tab or a plug-in should hang , easy to open the Chrome Task Manager and end the process deliberately , without having to close the whole browser window with the key combination Shift + Escape . Since each tab runs as a separate process , breaking the speed even with multiple open tabs not . In addition, to speed up the execution of scripts , Chrome translates JavaScript code to machine code faster . In Chrome 30 , Google has made ​​improvements mainly inconspicuous .

A total of 50 security vulnerabilities were closed , of which ten Google einstufte as particularly risky. Only superficially noticeable improvement is the new integrated search through pictures . By right clicking on any image in the browser Google can directly search for similar images . Since version 28 Chrome uses with flashing a fork of the open WebKit rendering engine as a base . Apart from the downloaded here standing setup program that installs Chrome on your own computer , with Chrome Portable is a version available that can be used without installation. —————————————————————————————-